Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Random stories of a random girl

So I told you I was going to tell you stories in order for you to get to know me... So, here are some of them!
see? do you remember it?
*Do you remember "Ouch!" bubble gum? It came in a small, pink box and each bubble gum band looked like a bandaid. When I was 3 and my brother was 9 he wanted to race me. I said no, and he said that if I won, he was going to give me a box of this, which was my favourite bubble gum. So, we went outside and the race began, only to end up with me falling and scraping my forehead, my nose and my chin after he had put his feet in front of mine. He was not going to give up the bubble gum so easy... but I won in the end, my mom gave it to me anyway.

*I'm super clumsy, did I tell you that? It's like my presentation card: "E. Clumsy. Teacher" So one day I was at school, I had been working there for two weeks at that point, and that first year I was the substitute teacher -yeah, the one who nobody ever takes seriously.
I was with this group of students which were a complete pain in the ass -oh and I must make a point here: people, don't believe when teachers tell you all children are good, nice and adorable. NO! That's the biggest lie I've ever heard, but I'll talk about this on the next post.
I'm rambling too much, sorry!
Well, as I was saying, I had this group of students which were terrible to work with and I was scolding one of them. I was walking around the room with my "bitchy-teacher" face, saying "Today, after classes, I'm going to talk to your..." And I couldn't say "mother" because I stumbled with one of the desks' leg and fell flat on my knees. Yeah, it wasn't that funny then LOL.

*Two years ago, I was celebrating Halloween with my students at school. Their relatives came to see them because they danced Thriller (yeah, I taught them that, how cool am I? lol) and after that, I was busy offering their relatives some sweets. I approached one of the girls' grandfather and after showing him the cauldron with sweets, I said: would you like some sweets, sir? And his answer, with a polite smile was: "No, thanks. I'm a diabetic" Yeah, I wanted to vanish right there.

So, do you have any funny story to share? Leave a comment, I'd really appreciate it =)


  1. My daughter likes dark humor (and so do I), but she has not yet learned the art of knowing your audience. I have tried to get her to understand that not all jokes (however funny they may be) are not appropriate in every setting. I hate to even repeat any of them here on this open forum, but she has made me want to crawl in a hole on numerous occasions.

  2. dark humor huh? I'm a huge fan too but I get what you're saying, sometimes people use it in the wrong place and in front of the wrong people. My father used to do that all the time and felt like crawling in a hole too lol

  3. That bubble gum was worth breaking a leg for. What made it special wasn't in the flavoring, it was the package. You were cool if you had that gum to pass around at school.

    1. Yeah, it was definitely worth it! I loved it. It's a pity they don't sell it anymore, at least here in Argentina.

      Thanks for your comment! =)

  4. Oh, I couldn't deal with that bubblegum as a kid. But I have always been a bit of a germaphobe, so the thought of eating a Band-Aid grossed me out!

    I sympathize, I'm clumsy too. As in, tripping on my own two feet is a common occurrence.

    1. Now that I'm old and I think about it, I guess you're right, it's a bit gross eating a Band-Aid lol

      Thanks for your comment! Oh, btw, I love your blog! I think it's awesome!

  5. Funny story! Love your blog, it's awesome! Keep it up!